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Many coffee and tea drinkers treasure a favorite mug, whether it's a memento from long-ago travels, a gift from a close friend, or simply one that just feels right. Use the same mug over and over, and it eventually becomes an irreplaceable part of your life.

Timberline Designs provides promotional and souvenir drink ware.

Our custom printed glassware and ceramic products are a great way to advertise your business, holiday party, wedding, sports party, corporate events and a strew of other occasions. Each item that we carry, personalized travel mugs, custom printed sports bottles, custom ceramic coffee mugs, custom printed wine glasses, personalized bar ware, customized glass mugs.

Printing on the drink ware image allows you to make a wonderful souvenir, which will also be useful. Drink ware with the logo is a popular and inexpensive souvenir that will remind of itself daily. The low cost of printing on drink ware will allow you to extend your advertising.

It also allows you to make a memorable souvenir that will never stay on the shelf without attention, but will occupy a worthy place on the table.


Timberline Designs have equipment that allows us to efficiently print multi-color designs on ceramic and glass at discount prices you can appreciate. 


There is no screen charge for your first color!

Please browse through our wide selection of products. Should you have any questions before placing your order, we will be happy to assist you. Simply contact us at or toll +1 866 877-6847.


We look forward to doing business with you!


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